BMW is looking to launch its new 7 series this year, which will be lighter and slightly larger than the current 7 series models. The new models, including the 740Li and 750 Li are going to be unveiled in auto shows across Europe and Asia.

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The BMW 7 series includes a spacious interior outfitted with rich leather and wood accents. However, the 7 Series might best be known for the technology it packs, or is capable of packing, such as a night vision camera or side-view cameras. The new 7 Series is likely to contain even greater technological capabilities, including unveil its “Air Touch” technology, which is “capable of reading hand gestures to control functions inside the car including navigation, entertainment, and communication.” The BMW technology, which is being tested in the company’s 7 series models, such as the 2016 BMW 750i xDrive Four-Door Sedan, available here at BMW of Peabody, uses sensors to read the movements of your hand made close to the central console.

According to BMW, simple movements of a finger can carry out actions such as adjusting the loudness of your car radio or accepting phone calls. Meanwhile, this technology is available as BMW Gesture Control in the new BMW 7 Series. Sensors are installed in the area of the instrument dashboard which respond to hand movements here and therefore permit three-dimensional control. A movement of the hand or a gesture activates the surfaces on the large panorama display. But, the new engineering programs provide more than this. A concealed AirTouch button is located on the rim of the steering wheel. It is on the left and easy to reach with the thumb, and it lights up when a menu or icon can be activated

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