If you live in a crowded area where parking is a premium and often requires parallel parking skills, something that isn’t as easy as it sounds, then BMW has the model for you – the 2016 BMW i3 Hatchback Four-Door with Range Extender. This new model recently rolled onto the lot here at BMW of Peabody and this pugnacious little automobile is turning heads.

2016 BMW i3

This short and stocky automobile, is ideal for those short to medium trips in and around an urban area. The 2016 BMW i3 is powered by a combination electric battery with a gasoline-powered range extender that allows the model to travel approximately 150 miles before needing to be recharged and refueled. So not only is the model ideal for those who live in crowded cities, but it’s also perfect for those who are highly conscious of their automobile’s environmental impact.

The 2016 BMW i3 is a four-door hatchback model that easily seats four passengers. The model’s design makes it easy for passengers to get in and out of both rows of seats. The front doors open like any other car, while the rear doors open in the opposite direction. Take not though, the front doors must be open before you can open the rear doors. It might look small, but there is generous space inside for passengers in the front and back seat of the car. Car designers also included ample space for small personal items like mobile phones and water bottles. There is also some nice room for cargo. The space behind the rear seats offers about 12 cubic feet of cargo space, while it expands to a generous 37 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down.