If you want your 2021 BMW X6 to take you on thrilling adventures for years to come, you have to properly maintain it. Fortunately, the service center here at BMW of Peabody can help you with all of your automotive needs. Here are some services you’ll require.

Oil Changes

Oil lubricates your engine and keeps it operating efficiently at peak performance levels. Over time, the oil becomes less able to do this important job, so it has to be replaced with new oil. When we do an oil change, we also replace the engine oil filter and engine air filter- both of which help protect your engine.

Tire Rotations

A tire rotation swaps the positions of the tires on your car, helping ensure that they wear down at the same rate. This keeps your tires in good condition for longer, putting off the expensive purchase of new tires.

Detailing and Cleaning

Of course, this is a BMW sport activity vehicle. You want it to look great too. A detailing can help the exterior look like new again, and we can also help if you need any repairs to interior surfaces, like the leather upholstery.

Brake Maintenance

Our experts can check up on every part of the braking system in your 2021 BMW X6, ensuring that it delivers the response you need when it’s time to stop or slow down.

Fluid Management

Fluids like coolant, power steering fluid, and others are needed if you want your luxury crossover to run smoothly. Part of vehicle maintenance is refilling these crucial fluids when they begin to run out.

Replacing Parts

Eventually, some parts need to be replaced. We can tell you when a component is reaching the end of its natural life and get you the OEM replacement you require.

Visit our BMW service center and find the expert technicians and genuine BMW parts that you need today!