As you go through our new car inventory, you’ll see a variety of body styles. BMW vehicles are available in so many styles because the automaker we represent wants to ensure we have automobiles that will appeal to you at every stage of your life.

As you go through life, your automotive needs will probably change. While you might begin driving without having to worry about transporting more than yourself and a friend or two, that may change if you start a family down the line. When your kids go off to college, you may decide to downsize to a smaller automobile.

Crossovers like the 2019 BMW X5 are great picks for drivers at just about any stage of life. Crossovers are widely available in an array of sizes, with larger models able to accommodate as many as seven or eight passengers. Crossovers are sought-after vehicles in part due to their cargo capacity and towing and hauling capabilities.

Many convertibles or cabriolets are also available as two- or four-door coupes. The 2019 BMW i8 is an example of a luxury vehicle that’s offered in both body styles. Coupes and convertibles are well-known for being a blast to drive, making them thrilling automobiles for motorists of any age.

Sedans like the 2019 BMW 330i are practical daily drivers that don’t compromise on the luxury you expect in a vehicle produced by the BMW brand. The premium sedans we have at our Peabody, MA BMW dealership appeal to parents looking for a family car, professionals who travel with other adults regularly, and motorists who drive significantly more than average.

If you want to see all the body styles in our extensive inventory so you can determine which one is right for you, we encourage you to visit BMW of Peabody today.