When visiting a BMW service center, you should be able to expect more than just the bare minimum; instead, your experience should be packed with expert knowledge and five-star service. You can find this kind of maintenance experience here at BMW of Peabody, the Greater Boston-area’s leading auto retailer and service provider.

How To Avoid Flat Tires

Of all the knowledge we offer at BMW of Peabody, avoiding flat tires is near the top of our priority list, although it is easier said than done. There are many ways you can avoid a flat tire, one of which is to inspect the air pressure of your tires on a monthly basis. When your tires have either a low or too high air pressure reading you can run the risk of a premature flat.


Another thing to consider is the road itself. There are some rough roads throughout the city, some of which are packed with potholes that can cause even the healthiest and newest tire to burst unexpectedly. So, for many of us, the best way to avoid a flat tire is to simply remain aware of the road at all times.


Lastly, we urge all of our drivers to pay careful attention to the tread levels of their tires. Tires are often characterized by the network of grooves, or tread, running across them. When this tread is low, the risk of a flat tire grows.


Flat tires can be troublesome, but with the right help, they can be a complete nonissue. At BMW of Peabody, you won’t only find service experts, but BMW dealers who know how to make your experience, a phenomenal one.