As BMW dealers in MA, we’re thrilled to tell you that the brand we represent will soon offer in-car integration with Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant. The BMW Connected skill has been available in Alexa’s long list of available skills since September 2016. This skill enables BMW owners to check vehicle information, such as their fuel level, remotely. It also allows drivers to review their routes and departure times with the support of BMW Connected.

When the in-car integration with Amazon Alexa is rolled out in all BMW models in the middle of 2018, motorists will be able to take advantage of Alexa’s full suite of skills while they’re on the road. BMW owners will be able to access Alexa’s tens of thousands of skills to use services, entertainment features, and shop while they’re traveling in their BMW automobiles.

You won’t need a smartphone to use Alexa in your BMW car after the integration with Amazon’s personal assistant is unveiled in mid-2018. That’s because every new BMW model has a built-in SIM card. It’ the presence of this card in every BMW car that will make the automaker’s integration with Alexa seamless.

“By making this step of integrating Alexa into our models from mid-2018, [the] BMW [brand]…will form a more intrinsic part of our customers’ digital lifestyles,” remarked Dieter May, Senior Vice President Digital Services and Business Models at the BMW Group. “Voice control [was] first featured in BMW Group cars many years ago, and we are now enhancing its functionality by adding a digital ecosystem, which will open up all sorts of new possibilities that customers can access quickly, easily, and safely from their car.”

Everyone at our Peabody, Massachusetts BMW dealership is excited about being able to fully connect with Alexa from our vehicles in the near future. To learn more about this integration and how it will enhance your experience as the owner of a BMW vehicle, contact BMW of Peabody today!