Have you ever asked yourself, “Is there a BMW dealership near me that I can call to ask what the differences are between the most common drivetrains on modern cars?” If you have, you should contact our BMW dealership near North Andover, MA so we can explain how the most popular drivetrains differ from one another.

If you’re in the market for a car, it’s important for you to understand the differences between drivetrains because they can influence your decision to get one vehicle instead of another. Here is a brief description of the drivetrains you’ll find on automobiles with different body styles:

  • Front-Wheel Drive: The abbreviation for front-wheel drive is “FWD.” When a car has a front-wheel drive system, its engine only sends power to the vehicle’s front wheels. Drivers often comment that automobiles that have front-wheel drive feel as if they’re being pulled down the road.
  • Rear-Wheel Drive: As you can probably guess, vehicles with rear-wheel drive direct the engine’s power to the wheels located at the back of the car. While cars with front-wheel drive feel as if they’re being pulled, vehicles with rear-wheel drive often give the impression they’re being pushed forward.
  • All-Wheel Drive: All-wheel drive systems send power to all four tires. Power is either sent to each tire equally or an all-wheel drive system will be designed to send more power to the tires that need it. All-wheel drive is normally popular among motorists who live in areas that experience inclement weather often.
  • Four-Wheel Drive: Like all-wheel drive systems, four-wheel drive systems send power to all four tires. Four-wheel drive systems are normally more robust than all-wheel drive systems, which makes cars that have four-wheel drive attractive to off-road enthusiasts.

When you visit our Peabody BMW dealership, you’ll see that the cars we have for sale or lease have different kinds of drivetrains. The 2017 BMW X5 comes with either all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive depending on the trim you decide to buy or lease, for example. If you want to learn more about the drivetrains on our BMW vehicles, visit BMW of Peabody today.