One of the things we love about being BMW dealers near North Andover, MA is that we get to help expecting and new parents look for a BMW for sale that can accommodate their expanding family. If you’re familiar with the cars for we have for sale or lease, then you already know that many BMW models are perfect for growing families.

If you’re a new parent or you’re going to be one soon and you’re looking for a BMW for sale, we encourage you to visit our convenient location at 221 Andover Street in Peabody. We also suggest that you bring the car seat you’re going to use to transport your child with you. By bringing your child’s car seat, you’ll be able to make sure you can get it in and out of the back seat easily and that your child will have enough leg room.

You may be surprised to learn that over six million car seats were recalled in 2014, but less than 50 percent of them have been fixed because a lot of parents neglect to register their children’s car seats. In fact, only 42 percent of parents send in the card to register their child’s car seat.

We know it can be hectic when you’re expecting a child or you’ve just welcomed a new addition into your family, but registering your child’s car seat is very important. By registering your child’s car seat, the seat’s manufacturer is able to contact you if there’s a recall and the company can send you materials and instructions to make any necessary repairs.

Even if your child has been using a car seat for several years and you’ve lost the registration card, you can still register the car seat by visiting the manufacturer’s website. You’ll need the car seat’s model number and date of manufacture, both of which can be found on a sticker that’s normally on the side or on the bottom of the car seat.

While we can’t help you register your child’s car seat beyond providing the information in this blog post, we can help you find your next BMW car! Visit BMW of Peabody today.