If you’re searching for a used BMW for sale, we recommend that you visit our BMW dealership on Andover Street. We currently have more than 150 pre-owned vehicles in our inventory and we’ll be happy to help you find the previously owned automobile that’s right for you and your family. If you want a certified pre-owned vehicle, you should know that we have more than 80 of these vehicles at our Peabody, MA dealership right now and we can’t wait to show them to you.

As BMW dealers in Massachusetts, we think it’s important for you to know that the Federal Trade Commission recently finalized changes to its Used Car Rule, which used to be known as the “Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule.” This is the rule that requires car dealerships to put a buyer’s guide on the window of the pre-owned cars they’re trying to sell.

These changes are great news for car shoppers because buyer’s guides will be more definitive about what is and is not included in a previously owned automobile. For instance, the redesigned stickers now have boxes that can be checked or left unchecked to indicate whether a vehicle is or isn’t covered by a third-party warranty and whether a service contract is available.

Additional changes to the Used Car Rule include the following:

  • The description of an “As Is” sale was altered
  • A box that can be checked to indicate that a vehicle is still covered by an unexpired manufacturer’s warranty has been added to buyer’s guides
  • Air bags and catalytic converters have been added to the guide’s list of defects that might occur in pre-owned automobiles
  • A statement instructing consumer to get a vehicle history report and to check for ongoing recalls has been added to the buyer’s guide
  • A statement, written in Spanish, that advises Spanish-speaking car shoppers to ask for a buyer’s guide written in Spanish if a deal is being discussed in Spanish has been added to buyer’s guides written in English
  • A Spanish translation of the statement that consumers can use to provide a dealer with their acknowledgement that they received a buyer’s guide must now be made available

While these changes will go into effect during the upcoming months, car dealers can use the buyer’s guides they currently have for up to one year after the date the changes discussed above go into effect. Because we’ve always conducted our business with the utmost transparency at our Peabody, MA BMW dealership, we wholeheartedly support the changes the FTC made to the Used Car Rule.

If you want to purchase a pre-owned BMW vehicle from a dealership you know you can trust, visit BMW of Peabody on Andover Street today.