Sure, engines are never meant to last forever, but you can prolong that life by receiving regular professional maintenance. At our BMW service center at BMW of Peabody, you’ll find a number of technical experts who’ll do more than just fix your car; they can help you enjoy the top-tier luxury performance of a BMW for many years to come.

Of all the forms of maintenance to keep a regular check of, your motor oil should take precedence above all else. Motor oil acts as a lubricant for your engine, protecting the various moving parts inside. If it weren’t for motor oil, your engine’s most crucial components would rub together and eventually wear out, resulting in some seriously expensive repairs. Our auto experts recommend that you purchase only the best motor oil for your vehicle, which means full-synthetic, a motor oil specifically designed for premium lubrication. Another thing we recommend is to have your motor oil checked and changed once every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

Next to motor oil in terms of importance is your transmission. Usually identified as either manual or automatic, transmissions are a crucial part of the drivetrain, responsible for the transfer of power to the wheels. Your transmission can spend quite a long time not getting serviced, however, we suggest that you keep a careful watch on this vital car component. A transmission issue can be hard to diagnose, and often the sooner you catch the issue, the easier it can be to remedy it.

Engines are complicated, which means you shouldn’t go to just any BMW dealership near Greater Boston with the expertise to handle luxury auto repair. At BMW of Peabody, we ensure that your car maintenance experience is five-star no matter if you’re getting an oil change or an in-depth multi-point inspection.