Now that winter is over, we finally get to look forward to a warm and pleasant spring. However, before you plan a road trip, it’s important to know what Mother Nature may have done to your BMW car over the last several months.

Here are some service tasks that are especially important to schedule before spring arrives. 

Battery Tests

Did you have to deal with some particularly cold mornings this past winter? Older batteries can struggle when temperatures drop, and because they only last around five years, you should have yours tested. If it doesn’t have a lot of charge left, consider replacing it. 

Wiper Replacements 

Another component you may need to replace is your windshield wipers. There’s a good chance that snow and sleet did a number on them during the winter. You’ll need a good set to clear the rain, pollen, and other types of debris off your windshield.  

Tire Rotations 

If your car is veering to one side, it could be because you haven’t rotated your tires and they’re starting to wear down. Rotating them evens out the wear, extends their longevity, and improves your safety. You should also have your tire pressure checked to make sure it’s at the proper levels.  

Oil Changes 

If you’ve been putting off getting your oil changed, now is the time to do it. Not only will clean oil improve your engine’s performance, but it can also boost your fuel economy. If you plan on taking a road trip, you’ll appreciate not having to stop and get gas as often. 

If you need any of these maintenance tasks, make an appointment with our service center at BMW of Peabody. We’ll make sure your BMW is ready for spring!