When you shop at BMW of Peabody, you may find that a brand-new car actually isn’t the perfect luxury car for you. That’s because we also offer a variety of stylish pre-owned BMW cars that local drivers love. Some prospective buyers are curious, however, and ask us if these vehicles are reliable. We’re happy to report that our pre-owned luxury cars can be depended on for a few reasons.

Modern Cars are Built to Last

A vehicle that was built recently is meant to have a long life span. 100,000 miles is no longer the beginning of the end for a car. Even if it has six figures on the odometer, a pre-owned BMW car has a lot of life left to live. Don’t be put off by the mileage, because a luxury vehicle that was well cared for will be ready for a second life with you behind the wheel.

Many of These Models Were Leased

Many of our pre-owned BMW cars were driven with care and did not miss service appointments, and we know this because we were the ones leasing them out! A leased vehicle has to be well cared for by the driver, or they can end up paying extra. As a result, a pre-owned car that you find on our lot is likely to be a formerly leased vehicle whose driver made proper maintenance a priority.

The Certified Pre-Owned Program

If you’re really concerned about the reliability of your next car, look into the BMW Certified program. These models are relatively new, low-mileage, and have all been inspected to confirm that they meet the brand’s highest standards.

Visit our BMW dealers in Peabody, MA and see how easy it is to find a pre-owned luxury car or crossover that you’ll love. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re just looking for great performance at a great price point, we’re ready to assist you!