If you’re already looking for a new BMW for sale, the car buying process has started! As BMW dealers, we often hear people complain about the car buying process for a variety of reasons, one of which is the unknown. A lot of shoppers don’t know their credit score, for instance, which makes it impossible for them to guess the interest rate their auto loan will have accurately.

They also don’t know how much the vehicle they want will cost them every month. Many customers have no idea what their current vehicle is worth, which often infuses stress into the car buying process because a lot of shoppers intend to use the car they’re driving now as a down payment for their next vehicle.

Given the feelings that car shoppers have shared with us, we’ve given you the tools to take the guesswork out of the car buying process on our website. We have a credit score estimator that can give you an idea of what your actual FICO score is. The accuracy of our credit score estimator is largely dependent on the information you input so be sure you provide information that truly reflects your financial situation and credit history.

In addition to our credit score estimator, we also have a payment estimator on our website. This handy tool will calculate your estimated monthly car payment based on the price of the car you want, the interest rate you expect your car loan to have, the amount you plan to put down, and the length of time you’ll need to pay your car off in full.

If you’re going to use your current vehicle as a down payment for another automobile, you can figure out the approximate value of your car by using our trade appraisal tool. This online tool will quickly estimate what your current car is worth based on information you provide.

You can access all three of our online tools by visiting our dealership’s website, clicking the finance tab at the top of our homepage, and selecting the tool you want to use. If you need help using any of our online tools, we invite you to visit our Greater Boston, MA BMW dealership. Our finance experts will work with you to take the guesswork out of the car buying process. To find and finance your next BMW vehicle, visit BMW of Peabody today.