Many of our customers ask us about the price of a BMW SUV and the details of financing. To be fair, financing can seem rather complicated; however, our financial team at BMW of Peabody pride themselves in providing a comprehensive and easy to understand financing guidance.

Pricing and Financing for a BMW SUV

In terms of pricing, the cost of BMW SUVs vary. These are luxury vehicles that come with a bounty of trims and features, all of which can impact the sticker price. For this reason, if you’re curious about pricing, one of our finance experts can meet with you one-on-one.

Financing can seem rather complicated when looking from the outside in. That said, there are some key aspects to keep in mind that make things a little simpler. For instance, when financing for a BMW SUV, it is a good idea to use our virtual credit application before you even visit our dealership. By using this digital platform, you can receive credit approval right away without ever having to step foot in our showroom.

It may also be worthwhile to consider leasing. Some of our customers love the idea of constantly driving a new model of BMW SUV, and by signing for a short-term auto lease, you can drive home in a brand new BMW every year or two.

Buying a BMW SUV at BMW of Peabody

If you have any questions, the experts in our BMW finance center are more than happy to fill in the blanks. When you visit BMW of Peabody, we’ll give you a dealership experience that is just glamorous and driver-centric as the cars that we sell.