Are you looking for a pre-owned BMW convertible? If so, you’ll find a few in our generous inventory of previously owned luxury cars. When you purchase a pre-owned car, you’ll enjoy some meaningful benefits, such as lower registration fees and auto insurance premiums.

If you want to enjoy the advantages that typically accompany buying a previously owned vehicle, you should consider the types of pre-owned automobiles you can purchase from our BMW dealership near Lynnfield, MA. As you know, we sell pre-owned BMW cars as well as certified pre-owned vehicles. What you may not realize, however, is that we have a third type of previously owned automobile you may want to get. More specifically, you can buy a loaner car from our location.

When you look over the loaner cars in our Peabody BMW inventory, you’ll see that these vehicles usually have low mileage. While loaner cars aren’t new, they’re still covered by their original, factory-backed warranties. Loaner cars aren’t technically considered pre-owned because they’ve never been owned by a private party. With that said, loaner cars are often eligible for both new and pre-owned incentives.

Put simply, loaner cars offer a value proposition that’s hard to beat. While many drivers tend to abuse a rental car, they generally take great care of a loaner vehicle because they have to return it to a dealership they’ll visit over and over again in the future. With loaner cars typically having less mileage than other kinds of pre-owned vehicles, you may enjoy being covered by a warranty for a longer period of time.

To find a premium vehicle that has an enticing value proposition, look through the loaner cars in our Peabody BMW inventory. When you find a model that appeals to you, visit BMW of Peabody to go for a test drive in the loaner of your choice.