While you may want a brand-new luxury vehicle, there are other options to consider. As your trusted BMW dealers near North Andover, MA, we can tell you that purchasing a pre-owned BMW automobile is sometimes a great option for drivers to consider.

While you may enjoy that “new car smell” when you get into a brand-new vehicle, buying a pre-owned car provides benefits that are much more meaningful. Arguably the biggest benefit that purchasing a previously owned car provides is preventing you from having to absorb the rapid depreciation that typically occurs in the first few years a vehicle is owned. You won’t have to worry about this rapid loss in equity because your car’s original owner will have already absorbed it.

When you purchase a previously owned BMW automobile, you’ll normally pay less than you would if you bought a new one instead. In many cases, this enables motorists to step up to a higher BMW model or trim. In general, you’ll also pay less to insure and register a pre-owned vehicle.

When you buy a pre-owned BMW automobile from our location, you’ll enjoy peace of mind as well. That’s because every one of our pre-owned cars comes with a vehicle history report. You can look over this report to become intimately familiar with your car’s history. Knowing your automobile was well cared for and that it was never in an accident can give you even greater confidence in your decision to purchase a pre-owned vehicle.

If you want to enjoy the benefits that come with buying a previously owned vehicle, it’s time to start shopping for one. If you’re going to search for pre-owned BMW cars for sale, head over to BMW of Peabody to check out our generous inventory today!