In a blog post we shared just last month, we discussed some of the reasons you may want to think about buying or leasing a BMW electric car like the 2019 BMW i3 or the 2019 BMW i8, which is offered in convertible and coupe body styles. Now, we want to talk about why you might want to consider getting a luxury hybrid vehicle.

Whether you look through the BMW models in our showroom online or in-person, you’ll see some premium hybrid automobiles, such as the 2019 BMW 530e Sedan. When you take that hybrid car for a test drive, you’ll notice that it drives as seamlessly as a gas-only vehicle, meaning you won’t notice when it switches power sources from the gas engine to the electric motor and vice versa.

Some people express concern about having to make compromises if they buy a hybrid automobile. Hybrid cars like the BMW 530e prove you don’t need to give up a thing just because you want a hybrid vehicle. The 2019 BMW 530e is equipped with sought-after features, such as advanced safety equipment and Apple CarPlay™. The car is even eligible for an optional hand gesture recognition system!

While a seamless driving experience and desirable features are reasons enough to purchase or lease a hybrid BMW vehicle, there’s another compelling reason to consider getting a hybrid automobile. That reason is hybrid cars are eco-friendlier than their gas-only brethren. Because they rely on an electric motor and a gas engine for propulsion, hybrid vehicles release fewer harmful emissions into the environment compared to autos that are only equipped with a gas engine.

To learn more about buying a hybrid car, contact our Greater Boston, MA BMW dealership. If you want to test drive a luxury hybrid vehicle, visit BMW of Peabody today.