If you’re a fan of hybrid models as well as the classic look of a BMW sedan, then we’ve got a model that will make you look twice – the 2016 BMW 330e Four-Door Sedan Plug-in Hybrid RWD.

Fans of the BMW 3 series will appreciate the 2016 BMW 330e as it’s the hybrid version of that iconic model line. Well, perhaps it’s more of a hybrid. The model can function as both an electric car as well as a gasoline-electric hybrid – which is something sure to please the folks who are interested in reducing their carbon footprints. The model has a combined total horsepower output of 248 horsepower – that’s a combination of the model’s 2.0 liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that generates 184 horsepower and the 76 horsepower generated from the electric motor. The electric motor is driven by a 7.6 kilowatt air-cooled lithium-ion battery that is well hidden in the trunk of the model.

BMW of Peabody 330e

So drivers can take the car out as a pure electric car and drive it at a top-speed of about 75 miles per hour for 14 miles before the battery needs charging again. But, the car comes with several driving options to extend the battery life, including a save battery mode that prohibits the car from using up electrical energy before it’s needed.

When operated as a hybrid though, the 2016 BMW 330e Four-Door Sedan Plug-in Hybrid RWD shows off some serious performance and power. The model can quickly accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds and can hit 98 miles per hour in just under 10 seconds. But that’s not all, the car can actually top-out at 140 miles per hour.

Visit BMW of Peabody today and take the 2016 BMW 330e Four-Door Sedan Plug-in Hybrid RWD for test drive.