Winter driving can be treacherous thanks to the snow, rain, and drastically low temperatures. Fortunately, you can protect yourself this winter season if you purchase a set of winter tires from our BMW service center. At BMW of Peabody, we do more than sell cars; we help you take to the road with complete peace of mind.

When winter hits in Greater Boston, it really hits. With average temperatures dropping as low as 22 degrees Fahrenheit, and snowfall averaging around 48 inches every year, road conditions can be less than favorable throughout the winter season. This is the precise reason why our auto service experts and technicians recommend purchasing winter tires.

What is a winter tire? Well, your standard tire already does a decent job at keeping traction with the road, but when the conditions of that road change you’ll want something that can still grip the pavement. Winter tires have deeper tread that can keep traction with the road regardless of the road is covered with snow or ice. At the same time, winter tires are better designed for freezing temperatures. The rubber in winter tires remains soft when the temperature drops to serious lows, as a result, the tire is more flexible and has a lower chance of bursting abruptly.

The importance and value of winter tires should not be overlooked. Winter tires not only provide better performance, but they can also ensure your safety. By having a set of tires that are conditioned for the season, and can continue to grip the road even when conditions are at their worst, you can ride safely and seamlessly on into the spring.

BMW Peabody is home to more than just BMW service experts, but skilled BMW dealers as well. We’re the Greater Boston area’s number one choice for all things automotive and can fulfill all of your needs through expert knowledge and dedicated service. Stop by and see us for winter service soon!