If you’re in the process of purchasing a vehicle like the 2018 BMW X5, you might wonder, “Is there a BMW dealer near me who can separate car buying myths from the facts?” If that thought has run across your mind, you should make your way over to our Peabody, MA BMW dealership to get the truth as it relates to the car buying process.

Have you been told you should wait until it’s raining to shop for a car to get the best deal? Have you heard you should shop for a new vehicle on a holiday to score the best price? If someone told you either or both of those things, you should know that they’re myths.

The myths just mentioned are based on the erroneous assumption that other drivers will stay home when the weather’s bad or it’s a holiday and that you’ll be the only one in a given showroom. Since a salesperson won’t have anyone else to sell an automobile to, the person will then be more willing to give you a great deal.

The truth is, our prices and deals have nothing to do with the weather. While we do sometimes run holiday specials, our prices don’t change because there is one person in our showroom or there are hundreds of people milling about.

If someone told you that you shouldn’t tell your salesperson that you plan to lease a car until you’ve settled on a price, the person told you a myth. It’s never a good idea to hide your true intentions from your salesperson. Leasing and buying an automobile are two distinctly different transactions so just be honest from the start of your negotiations.

If you need more help sorting car buying myths from the facts, we encourage you to contact BMW of Peabody today. Transparency is crucial to us, so let us serve you today!