Whether you own a used BMW convertible or a 2017 BMW M3, now is the time to start preparing for winter. One of the smartest things you can do to get ready for the colder weather is to bring your vehicle into our BMW dealership near Burlington, MA to have your automobile winterized.

Winterizing your vehicle helps protect it from the harsh weather and elements winter normally ushers into our area. Cold temperatures force your engine to work harder. Snow and ice can make it difficult for your tires to grip the road. The salt used to treat the streets can damage the underside of your car as well as its exterior. By preparing your vehicle, you can limit the effects that winter has on your automobile.

When you bring your car in to have it winterized, we’ll check your oil to make sure you have the right kind for winter. In general, oil becomes thicker when it gets colder outside, which means it doesn’t circulate as well as it does during the warmer months. This is of particular concern in older automobiles.

While the belts and hoses on new cars such as the BMW M3 are made to last a very long time, we will still inspect them to make sure they can handle the rigors of winter. Cold temperatures can cause hoses and belts to split and break, so it’s imperative to make sure these components are in good shape.

We’ll also put snow tires on your car. Although all-season tires can be used during winter, their ability to grip the road depends on the amount of tread they have. Winter tires are made to provide the maximum amount of traction on snow- and ice-covered roads to keep you safe.

Put simply, we’ll check your entire car to make sure it’s ready for the challenges that winter often brings to the Lynnfield-area. As a general rule, it’s time to winterize your car when you can see your breath outside, which means the time is now. Give us a call, visit our dealership’s website, or stop by BMW of Peabody to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle winterized today.