For a lot of drivers near Peabody, MA, talking to a mechanic can be an intimidating experience, especially if they do not have extensive knowledge about vehicle operations and parts.

However, here at BMW of Peabody, our mechanics take pride in being approachable and friendly, patiently explaining the types of BMW repairs that your vehicle needs. Here are some tips for talking to our mechanics about repairs.

Communicate the Vehicle’s Issues

When you first bring your BMW car to our service center at BMW of Peabody, we’ll ask about the issues that you’re having with it. So that you don’t go blank when trying to remember, it helps to write down the issues when you first start to experience. Include specific sounds, sensations, and behavior that your car is experiencing, as well as leaks or smells.

When talking to the mechanic about the car’s issues, it helps to be as specific as possible. For instance, instead of simply stating that the vehicle is making a sound, describe the problem in more detail. These are some common terms for automobile issues:

  • Bottoming: Occurs when the car bottoms out when going over a bump or high spot in the roadway.
  • Bucking: A lurching of the vehicle felt when changing gears or after the vehicle hesitates.
  • Knocking: A rapid rattling or knocking sound heard when accelerating.
  • Sluggish: When the car does not accelerate strongly or smoothly and feels like it is bogged down.

If you are still having issues communicating what is troubling the vehicle, take the mechanic on a test drive so that they can experience the issue firsthand.

Here at our BMW service center, our mechanics are ready to get your BMW car back into top condition. Talk to us about what’s ailing your vehicle and it’ll be back on the road in no time.