We’ve been BMW dealers in Peabody, MA long enough to know what this time of year means. With summer on the horizon, it means many people are beginning to plan their summer vacations. If you’re going to drive to your vacation destination, you may be concerned about the rising cost of fuel.

While it’s never fun to see gas prices on the rise, you don’t have to sit back and simply accept paying more for gas. You can take some strategic steps to avoid paying more for gasoline than you have to.

Here are some tricks and tips you can use to keep your fuel costs as low as possible:

Change Your Payment Method: Depending on your location, you may notice that some gas stations offer a discount if you pay for gasoline with cash. You may also see that people who use a certain kind of credit card receive more cash-back or more rewards points. If you can save up-front by paying with cash or earn a reward later by paying with a certain credit card, take advantage of those deals.

Be Mindful of Your Braking Habits: If you’re in the habit of using your brakes at the last minute, you need to adjust your braking habits. Braking at the last second and braking often waste gas. Keep a greater distance between your car and the one in front of you to give yourself more time to apply the brakes and to avoid having to brake more often than necessary.

Buy or Lease a Fuel-Efficient or Electric BMW Model: If you want to put a big dent in your fuel bill, consider buying or leasing one of the fuel-efficient or electric BMW models in our new car inventory, such as the 2018 BMW i3 with or without the gas-powered Range Extender. To learn more about this BMW car or the other fuel-efficient BMW vehicles that are available to you, visit BMW of Peabody today.