In recent posts, we’ve told you about some of our most sought-after luxury cars, such as the exciting 2019 BMW X4 and the thrilling 2019 BMW X3. If any of the vehicles we’ve told you about – or any of our other premium automobiles – interest you, we encourage you to look through our BMW leases and our finance offers.

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We make it simple to keep up with your car’s routine maintenance by operating two Peabody, MA BMW service centers, one on Centennial Drive and another on Andover Street. Both of our BMW service centers are open six days per week, including Saturdays. Our BMW service centers are open from 7am until 7pm Monday through Friday and from 8am until 4pm on Saturday.

Whether you want to buy or lease a 2019 BMW X4, you want to do a better job of adhering to your routine maintenance schedule, or you have another automotive resolution for 2019, we can help. Visit BMW of Peabody today.