What kind of vehicle do you drive? Is it a 2018 BMW M3, a luxury car from the 2019 model-year, or a classic BMW model? No matter what kind of automobile you drive, your car communicates with you in various ways.

One way your vehicle communicates with you is through its dashboard warning lights. While every dashboard warning light is important, there are three that should motivate you to take immediate action if they’re illuminated. These lights are your Check Oil/Oil Level Low light, Oil Pressure Low light, and Check Engine light.

While the first two lights just mentioned are pretty self-explanatory in terms of the nature of the problems they represent, your Check Engine light isn’t. A Check Engine light that’s on can be a signal that one of any number of potential problems is wrong with your engine. Some of these problems are minor while others are more pressing.

Here are some of the problems that your Check Engine might be trying to alert you about when it becomes illuminated:

  • Lack of engine lubrication
  • Failed oil pump
  • Debris-laden oil
  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Not enough coolant
  • Clogged radiator or fuel filter
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Missing gas cap

Clearly, your Check Engine light can alert you to a generous number of potential problems, but it won’t tell you which one was detected by your car’s computer. To determine what’s plaguing your engine, you’ll need to bring your car into our BMW service center near Burlington, MA so our technicians can perform a diagnostic test on your automobile and fix the problem that’s responsible for your Check Engine light turning on.

For more information about what your Check Engine light might be trying to tell you, contact our Massachusetts BMW dealership. Better yet, stop by BMW of Peabody today.