Contrary to popular belief, buying a model used can be just as fulfilling as buying new, and at BMW of Peabody, we offer a variety of used BMW cars for sale. That said, some of our customers are new to the process of buying used, and for that reason, we’ve put together this brief comprehensive guide.

Purchasing a Used BMW

In many ways, buying used is very similar to buying brand new. The process of going for a test drive, applying for financing, and signing the final paperwork is all very similar. That said, when you purchase used, there are some key takeaway differences.

For one, when you buy a car used, you have the option between selecting a model from our pre-owned inventory or our certified pre-owned inventory. While both of these vehicles are technically used models, the price tag for certified pre-owned models may exceed pre-owned alternatives. That’s because you’re getting a rigorous inspection, no after market parts, and so much more. However, for many drivers, this price difference is well worth the investment.

Another thing to consider, no matter what kind of car you buy, is a potential warranty program. Warranty programs can vary depending on your vehicle; however, they can do an excellent job at providing coverage for any number of mechanical issues that may naturally arise while out on the road.

Buying Used at BMW of Peabody

Buying used can be a great way to become a BMW model owner, and our Peabody, MA BMW dealers are happy to help you find the vehicle of your dreams. From luxury SUVs to premium automotive servicing, we do it all and more at BMW of Peabody.